Specialize in Manufacture of wide range of Butt Welding Machines

Bandsaw Butt Welding Machine



Band Saw Blades

3 to 25 mm width

Wood Saws

5/32” x 28 BWG to 1” x 21 BWG

Metal Saws

1/8” x 26 BWG to 1” x 21 BWG

Nominal Capacity


Capacity of Grinder

0.12 KVA

Input Voltager

230 V, 50 C/s

Maximum Current

13 Amps.

Duty Cycle



35 Kg.(nett)


290 x 235 x 165 mm

* Also suitable for metallic carding wires.

KRITONICS Bandsaw Butt welding eliminates the out-dated method of brazing overlapped Bandsaw Blades. It avoids the solder, flux and presence of foreign material at the joint. The process of quick & automatic giving perfect and strong weld.

Besides Bandsaw Blades, this Butt Welding is also used for welding Metallic card clothing, Mounting Wires , Ferrous & Non-ferrous Strips etc. 
KRITONICS Bandsaw Butt Welding is highly precision and designed as a table model. It is a suitable for industrial conditions and will give long lasting dependable service.

Easy to Operate
The operation of the Butt Welding is so simple that even unskilled personnel find it easy to get a perfect weld.

Sturdy in construction KRITONICS Bandsaw Blade Butt Welding is extremely compact, housing-welding Transformer, Control Devices, Sliding & upset pressure arrangements, automatic Cut-Off etc. all together within the welder.

Welding Accuracy
Mounted with quick –action clamps, the fixed and the moveable jaws are perfectly aligned to ensure automatic alignments of the jobs, which is so essential in modern production methods. The moveable jaw runs on precision ball type guides almost frictionlessly ensuring almost welding accuracy.

Annealing Device
It is incorporated, with two heating positions, in the butt welder to normalize the brittleness in the welded zone.

The Bandsaw Blades or Wire* ends cut straight exactly at right angles and free of burrs on a special Shearing Attachment optionally mounted on the machine, Welding Current, Upsetting Pressure and Upsetting Way are set as per chart provided on front plat, according to the Blade/ Wire width. The Blade / Wire ends rigidly clamped by quick/action clamps provided.

Welding Current is started by depressing the upset-way switch to welding position, The two ends, are heated up to forging temperature in a few seconds and automatically upset (forged). At this instant the welding current switches off automatically, completing the automatic welding cycle, The job is de-clamped.

The upset-way switch is turned to annealing position thus automatically extending the jaw distance. The welded job is re-clamped. By pressing the Annealing switch to “ Low” or “High” position, depending upon the size and material, the job is annealed. If required, annealing process can be repeated several times depending upon the job.

Shearing Attachment
Special shears with arrangements for mounting on the front of machine are available at the customer’s option, for cutting of bandsaw blades exactly at right angles.

Grinding Attachment
As an extra accessory the Grinding Attachment is also available mounted on the machine for removing the welding flash.